Frequently Asked Questions

I am building a: Deck, Patio, placing a trampoline, building a fence, etc.. What is the process to ensure I have HOA / Architectural Review Board Approval?Select
I have a question for the HOA Board. How do I get in touch?Select
I would like to have a face to face meeting with the board members at the next HOA board meeting. How do I arrange that?Select
I see a street light that is not coming on? What should I do to get this corrected?Select
When does the Cobblestone Lakes Pool open and closeSelect
Where can I find the Pool Rules for the Cobblestone Lakes PoolSelect
I lost my pool badge. How do I get a replacement? Is there a cost for the replacement?Select
How does the neighborhood handle door to door solicitors?Select
My mailbox post needs to be re-painted. What color was the post originally painted?Select
My mailbox and or post requires replacement. What are my options for replacement?Select
Who pays for all the repairs, maintenance and utilities (irrigation, electricity) in Cobblestone Lakes.Select